We offer management services to help you build your music career fast. We provide professional promotional services that cover all of your needs.


Iason Productions creates a stunning tailor-made campaign and distributes it to all of its digital and physical distribution partners throughout the world.


Our team consists of experienced, creative and new upcoming professionals in the music industry such as producers and sound engineers. Our team’s main orientation is complete music track production from A to Z (recording, editing, production support, mixing and mastering). You can work with us whether you have a single, an EP, or an album. There is no limit to how many songs you prefer to release.


We live in a digital age where everything has to be fast-paced, otherwise you will lose your spot in the music scene. Iason Productions advanced digital and off-line marketing services company that works on the next level and takes its clients to a profitable journey. We work with complete dedication, having determination, and maintaining professionalism. Working with us will make a huge difference in your image and how people view you and embrace you. Publicity and fan engagement are core elements in the music business. In addition, we are also working with booking agents worldwide to find you the best slots for live events and festivals. (Gigging has pretty much always been the most powerful tool for musicians. We’ve found the best ways to help your band get the most out of shows and tours in Greece, in Europe and elsewhere). By working with Iason Productions you get all the benefits that a record label has to offer, including publicity, prestige, support and expertise from a highly focused team of music experts who work with you individually and give you the attention you deserve.

Why work with us?

Because the founders of the company have been working in the music industry for more than 20 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the world of music business. Last but not least, we are musicians ourselves, we understand exactly what your problems are, and we provide you with the best professional services the market has to offer. Your success is always our top priority.


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